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Province on Saturday and Sunday. His visit aimed at gaining greater insigh▓t into issues such as poverty elimination, enviromental con▓struction and social welfare. The premier urged the once impoverished province, to continue develop▓ing industries with local characteristics,▓ while ensuring the safety of the loca▓l ecology.Premier Wen Jiabao first went to Dingxi,a city used to be one of the poorest places in the country.Wen Jiabao praised the achievements of local ecological construction. He also noted that govern▓ments at all levels must make joint efforts to return f▓armland to forest, plant more trees, and breed m▓ore livestock.In a village near Dingxi city, the▓ premier said great changes have taken place in the city's social and economic life.Sweet potatoes may originate in Asia, not in the AmericasSweet potatoes may originate in Asia, not in the AmericasSweet potatoe

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s ▓may originate in Asia, not in the Americas05-23-2018 09:▓45 BJTNew research published in the Proceedi▓ngs of the National Academies of Science on Monda▓y suggests that sweet potatoes may have originated in Asia instead of the Americas, and much▓ earlier than previously known.Paleobotanists in Indiana Un▓iversity led by David Dilcher identified

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57-milion-year-old leaf fossils from eastern India as▓ being from the morning glory family, which includes sweet▓ potatoes and many other plants.The research suggested the family originated in the late ▓Paleocene epoch in the East Gondwana land ▓mass that became part of Asia."I think this will change people's ideas," Dilcher said. "It will be?/p> fter the three-h

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are trying to find the time of the evolution of major groups of▓ flowering plants."Previous fossil evidence had suggested the morning glory family may have originated in North America about 35 million years ago, but molecular analyses supported the idea that it originated earlier and in the Old ▓World. The new research provides evidence for t▓hat co

nclusion.The discovery also suggested the morni▓ng glory family and the nightshade f▓amily - which includes potatoes and▓ tomatoes - diverged earlier than previously thought.T▓ogether with the recent, separate discovery of 52-million-year-old nightshade fossils in Argentina, it revealed that morning glories developed in the East and nightshades in th

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nvolvulaceae, and the order Solanales, which includes morn▓ing glories and nightshades.Morning glory fossils are rare because the plants' soft structure was no▓t easily preserved in rocks.Dilcher's collaborators, Gaurav Srivastava and Rakesh C. Mehr▓otra of India's Birbal Sahni Institute of▓ Palaeosciences, discovered the fossi▓ls in Meghalaya, a state in northeastern India.The morning glory family is widely distributed in trop▓ical and subtropical regions and includes about 57 plan▓t genera and 1,880 species. The

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